Cambridge Lower Secondary

ages 12 - 14

Cambridge Lower Secondary (ages 12-14)

Our Lower secondary School curriculum from Years 7 to 8 is rooted in inquiry and concept-based learning. Students are prepared in the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in both the Cambridge Upper Secondary (IGCSE) and Cambridge Advanced (AS and A levels) Programmes with an emphasis on developing the Learner Profile and SBW Future Skills throughout the entirety of a students’ academic journey.

The established curriculum is flexible, and allows ISW the possibility to implement various cutting-edge pedagogical concepts and approaches, including those from its parent company – SBW Haus des Lernens. The subjects offered within ISW’s Lower Secondary Programme are:

  • English
  • German
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies
  • Physical Education
  • Art

Teachers work together to develop cross-curricular learning opportunities and incorporate experiences to enhance real-life connections with the curriculum. An emphasis on developing critical thinking, digital literacy, and 21st Century Learning skills prepares students to become lifelong learners in an ever-evolving job market.

We cannot foresee what kind of expertise our children will need in 10 or 20 years’ time. What we do know is the kind of competences that will enable them to shape their and our society’s future as active decision-makers. The International School Westpfalz ensures that its students develop such essential competences.

Based on the assumption that people are born to learn, we use and foster this capacity by creating an environment where children can develop their skills and grow up to be responsible adults. By offering individual and respectful support and encouragement to our students, our teachers or “mentors”, as we like to call them, do everything to ensure that the children live up to their potential.

The Years 7 and 8 learning partners share a learning environment that consists of a “Lernatelier” (a large common room with individual work stations), and two input rooms where classes or input events take place. As soon as these input sessions finish, the learning partners return to their respective work stations within the Lernatelier (also known as the LA) where they, assisted by their mentors, continue studying more or less independently, in tasks related to the input.

As our mentors have their personal work stations in the Lernatelier too, they are available to the students at all times to answer questions or lend support. This “cohabitation” creates a positive atmosphere of interdependence. In the Lernatelier, the rule of silence – whispering allowed – must be respected. Social skills are the basis and goal for working effectively side by side within a learning environment.

Personal Development Programme

All learning partners within our Secondary School take part in ISW’s unique Personal Development Programme, which is supported by the SBW Haus des Lernens approach – and each Wednesday has been designated solely to this task.

The focus of this day is to give LPs a chance to explore new passions and talents, or to develop existing ones. The Personal Development Programme incorporates the following elements: