Our Campus

Our campus

“One of the most effective ways of stimulating an individual’s development is to design the environment in which they live and learn. This environment is determined both by the space itself and by its aesthetic, expressed as design, light, colour, smell and sound. However, the designed environment is primarily shaped by the people within it who create the social climate and a culture of co-existence.” Fractal element 3, SBW Haus des Lernens.

The International School Westpfalz is based in a stunning former nunnery of the Bishop von Weis Foundation. Dating from 1852, the school building has been carefully renovated to offer a unique learning environment for our students; whether it be having lunch in the former Chapel, taking art in the former kitchens or having outside lessons in the formal sister’s garden – ISW is a joy to study in and is much loved by our students, parents and staff.

Naturally, we also provide state-of-the-art equipment. Amongst others, all students have access to i-pads and laptops, interactive white boards and overhead projectors are used in each classroom and the brand-new chemistry lab is designed to highest International standards.

ISW – a place where the past embraces the future.