Acting outside the box – service learning project from our ISW Student Council assists local community

Our ISW Student Council ended their year with a fabulous service learning project and fulfilled their mission statement – “To develop responsible leaders within our ISW school community”.

Over this past year the ISW Student Council has been raising funds to support a service learning project to assist the local Children’s’ Home and the Senior Living center. Service-learning embodies the belief that knowledge is not merely transmitted from teacher to learner, but rather is gained by the learner, through guided interaction with their environment. This allows our Learning Partners to act outside the box on so many levels thus encouraging interdisciplinary learning.

This community driven service-learning project has had a very positive impact upon our Learning Partners. As Student Council President Emilia Haardt stated “We are looking forward to further collaborative relationships between our school and the local community…. when we all focus our efforts towards a positive outcome in our community, everyone benefits”. Adding to this, our Primary Student Council Representative, Harper Martin comments “Everybody feels good when we share positivity and bring a smile to the faces of others in our area.”

Our Year 4 Representative Nora Langley took a slightly different perspective “Through the project I got to participate in something fun that made others feel good and at the same time practicing my German skills.”

Advisor Angela Martin sums up “when all members of the school community gradually become participants in this process of learning, they develop an intrinsic connection of making something positive happen beyond the walls of the school.”

We would like to thank everyone who donated and supported this year’s Student Council and are very much looking forward to the events and ideas from our new council in the upcoming school year.

Angela Martin, Year 4 teacher, ISW

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