Acting Outside The Box

“Acting Outside The Box” – outside classroom offers our ISW Reception students a creative learning environment together with our Year 10 counterparts:

‘In our search for solutions we often go around in circles, coming to the same conclusions again and again because we are trapped in our patterns and habits. The aim of the SBW Future Skill “Acting Outside The Box” is to enable students to question patterns of thought and behaviour and to find/devise and try out unusual solutions to problems.’ SBW Future Skills 2023

Our Reception class outdoor science biology Lab this week focused upon our current Unit of Study based on the 5 senses. Our young Learning Partners wanted to find out more about “Why do leaves change colour” and our school outside area provided a really unique environment to experience hands-on the changes taking place in nature during Autumn.

Furthermore, the joining of our Year 10 students provided a wonderful collaboration of creative ideas formed across these year levels.

This outside session was followed up by an indoor discussion concerning findings - We discussed the visible and invisible changes. Visible because currently all around us, tree leaves are changing. Vibrant shades of reds, yellows, and oranges are great visual indicators that fall is here. We concluded that this was due to time and daylight limitations. Bringing the nature indoors, sharing leaves that we found outdoors with our buddies we were astounded by the amazing difference in all the leaves around our school building.

After discussing the visible changes, our Year 10 learning partners shared with us the invisible science happening during Autumn. They navigated us through the scientific process that a leaf may appear to be one color, but it actually contains pigments of multiple colors. In the summer, chlorophyll, the green pigment, dominates, concealing others. As chlorophyll breaks down in the fall, other pigments reveal themselves or form, turning the leaves yellow, orange, or red.

Thank you to Year 10 for helping us have an awesome Autumn.

Angela Martin, Reception teacher ISW

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