ISW Author Peter Theiss shares his writing journey with us and how he “Dares to do what he Dreams!”

Talented young author, Peter Theiss, is a Year 7 student at ISW and he has released a book called “Fly Me To The Moon”. Peter's journey as a writer has been nothing short of inspiring, with highlights from our guest assembly spot with him shedding light on his unique sources of inspiration, his favourite writing spot at home, and his go-to writing tool, Microsoft Word. Despite encountering obstacles, Peter remains resilient and focused on his passion for writing, serving as a beacon of inspiration for others. He emphasizes the importance of striking a balance between writing, schoolwork, and maintaining a social life. During Book Week, we had the opportunity to learn more about Peter's passions and future aspirations. It was in year 5 that Peter's teacher suggested the idea of writing a book, sparking his curiosity and prompting him to embark on his writing journey. Intrigued by the concept, Peter wholeheartedly embraced writing as a means to share his unique story. Additionally, Peter's fascination with aerospace engineering took flight after receiving a book about space on his birthday. This ignited his interest in space exploration, prompting him to actively immerse himself in space exhibitions and nurture his dream of becoming an astronaut. Looking ahead, Peter envisions a future where he not only becomes a military doctor but also pursue a career as an airline pilot. Ultimately, his goal is to apply for and fulfil his lifelong dream of venturing into space as an astronaut. We cannot wait to see where Peter’s dreams and passions take him. We are so proud of you Peter!