NATO Colonel Michael Trautermann guest speaker at ISW

We were extremely honoured to welcome Colonel Trautermann, Assistant chief of staff A5 and Head of the Air Force Liaison Command to USAFE (Leiter Verbindungskommando Lufthwaffe zu USAFE) to our school last week as guest speaker to our secondary school students.

As part of his role, Michael Trautermann explained how important it is to NATO to ensure transparency about their work with the local community and that one of the most effective ways of doing this is by speaking with local schools.

Students were delighted by his very open and inspirational speech which not only went through an overview of HQ AIRCOM -the team, mission, focus areas and challenges - but more importantly discussed the importance of unity within NATO (HQ AIRCOM has currently over 30 nation members – similar to the 30 nationalities we have here at ISW) and the change orientated leadership style being adopted.

Naturally, all elements talking about flying were greeted with much enthusiasm – in particular his comment “If it has windscreen wipers and can’t loop, then it’s not an airplane”

Colonel Trautermann was very impressed with both our school and community and in particular, stressed how delighted he was to see the Risk Taker element from our Learner Profile. His final comment to our students “If you are open minded, take risks, are able to fail and combine these traits with a good understanding of data science and A.I., then the world is yours!.....and ISW gives you the perfect set-up for life after graduation”

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