Over 200€ raised for “Rainforest Alliance” through ISW’s Year 7’s Personal Project

On Wednesday, June 21st, Year 7 students at ISW launched their summer sale of jewelry produced through their Personal Project company: Destiny Jewelry. These students came up with a business model for their 3rd term Personal Project and as a team, created affordable and beautiful jewelry using rubber bands, cords, jewelry clasps, and beads and shells. The students have been advertising this jewelry throughout the school and at off campus community events as well, taking orders and presenting buyers with beautiful jewelry for their purchases!

To continue sharing their products at the year’s end, the students had a sale this past Wednesday, and plan to have another on the 28th June, in the courtyard of the school, as parents are picking up students at the end of the school day. This highly profitable Personal Project has earned the students at least 200 euros so far and they plan to donate all proceeds to Rainforest Alliance. Throughout this Personal Project, the students have been exceedingly professional—breaking down the tasks amongst the members of their group (8 in total) and making sure all orders are created and filled in a timely matter. Great work from a great group of students!

Patricia Follman, Year 7&8 teacher, ISW