Rosa Garcia-Malea: Spain’s First Female Fighter Pilot

Rosa Garcia-Malea is Spain's first female fighter pilot and one of our inspirational parents at ISW. She captivated students with her inspiring story to capture her passion for flying. She shared that only 6% of people achieve their goals in life, setting the stage for her remarkable journey. Despite failing her first attempt at the national exam, Rosa's unwavering determination led her to take a year off to study and train. Her perseverance paid off, as she passed the exam and was accepted into the Spanish Air Force Academy among 16 applicants from a pool of 2500.

Throughout her career, Rosa piloted various aircraft, served as an instructor, and even showcased her skills as a member of Spain's acrobatic flying team. During her talk, students gained inspiration and insight into the world of fighter pilots, learning everything from aerobatic maneuvers to flight gear. Rosa's story serves as an inspiration for young people, reminding them to pursue their passions, believe in their dreams and to harness their resilience and dedication.
Go Rosa!