Thinking out of the box – year four investigative study into the use of robots within our society

Our Year fours have been reviewing the role of robots within our society. This research was based upon the Science “Inquiry-Based Learning” module concerning force, motion, and energy - the basis for designing and programming robots. Putting both their physics and mechanics skills to the test, our learning partners also reviewed various materials in order to design and construct sturdy constructions.

The study also enabled our students to hone in on their higher order thinking skills to complete a number of challenging tasks such the sequencing of a robot’s movements and utilizing algorithms and logical reasoning to program/code robots.

This Robotics unit has encouraged our learning partners to think creatively and to build and design solutions to real-world problems. It has also helped our students to come up with new innovative ideas and solutions when problems arise – a true “thinking outside of the box” experience for all those concerned.

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