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Back to School for ISW

ISW welcomed it’s growing community of 219 students from over 30 nationalities back to school this week. It was really wonderful to see familiar faces from our returning students and to welcome our 74 new students joining our community this year.

Huge welcome to Jodi Fillingame – our new School Principal at ISW

The SBW philosophy “Dare to do what you Dream” has always driven Jodi’s deep seeded values and passion as a mother, daughter, educator, leader, and mentor. It was no surprise that she was naturally drawn to the position of School Principal at the SBW International School Westpfalz in Landstuhl, Germany, coming all the way from Australia!

ISW “End of year” performance

Today was a very memorable day for our ISW community in many different ways. For the first time ISW celebrated this show on our own school grounds of this wonderful former nunnery – the central square providing a perfect location for this event. Our 200 strong students provided a wonderful musical performance for their families and attendance was in abundance. Thank you to all Learning Partners for your incredible performances.

Alice in Wonderland – Year 7 & 8 drama and theatre project

On 5th July Years 7 & 8 performed their own unique version of Alice in Wonderland for our younger LP’s in Primary. This performance was the result of many weeks of preparation and the effort has been extraordinary, with lower secondary LP's showing great skills in terms of acting outside the box in this wonderfully creative performance.

Over 200€ raised for “Rainforest Alliance” through ISW’s Year 7’s Personal Project

On Wednesday, June 21st, Year 7 students at ISW launched their summer sale of jewelry produced through their Personal Project company: Destiny Jewelry. These students came up with a business model for their 3rd term Personal Project and as a team, created affordable and beautiful jewelry using rubber bands, cords, jewelry clasps, and beads and shells. The students have been advertising this jewelry throughout the school and at off campus community events as well, taking orders and presenting buy...

Duke of Edinburgh expedition to Houffalize, Belgium

In June, Years 8 & 10 went on a joint 4 day/ 3 night expedition to Houffalize, Belgium as part of their Duke of Edinburgh International Bronze Award. This trip was a follow on from the Year 9 expedition to Echternach, Luxembourg which took place earlier in the year. For many students, this element of the award scheme provides the greatest challenge, but also the greatest fun.

Thinking out of the box – year four investigative study into the use of robots within our society

Our Year fours have been reviewing the role of robots within our society. This research was based upon the Science “Inquiry-Based Learning” module concerning force, motion, and energy - the basis for designing and programming robots. Putting both their physics and mechanics skills to the test, our learning partners also reviewed various materials in order to design and construct sturdy constructions.